Adding On: 10 Ways to Expand Your House Out and Up


So you want more space. A little extra room because the family is growing, children or parents are moving back home, you’ve started a home based business, you’ve always wanted that conservatory, or any of the thousand other reasons why your existing house just isn’t big enough.

You’ve also lived in your house for a time and know its little idiosyncrasies. You’ve become really familiar with how the light changes with seasons, the best views of the yard, how movement from room to room takes place.

With all of that knowledge you decide to embark on building an addition. Maybe it’s going to be a kitchen addition. Maybe a family room addition. Maybe an extra bedroom or two. Which ever the case, you’ll be looking at adding on somewhere. Will it be to the back or the side of the house? Will it be above the house? Will it be separate from the house? What about style? Will it blend seamlessly with the existing house? Will it make a definite statement of its own?