More Living Space: Making Room for Family


Many of us with children of a certain age are experiencing a “boomerang generation.” Whether because of a desire to save money, a change in lifestyle, a delay in landing a job after college or some other reason, the boomerang generation is coming back home to live with the baby-boom generation.

This phenomenon isn’t limited to our grown children. Whether because of a downsizing, health issues, or simply the desire to be all under one roof, our parents are also coming home to live with us.

What this means is that our society is undergoing a shift from a time when we went off on our own to going back to sharing living spaces. The thing is, most of our houses weren’t really designed for this. For the most part our houses are designed to be for one set of parents and one set of children. Two or more generations living under one roof is just not what we’ve practiced for the last few generations.